New Mexico: Ghost Stories and Haunted Places

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If you have read a good book that contains great ghost stories and stories about haunted places, let us know.  We will add it here.

Ghost Stories From the American Southwest by Richard and Judy Dockery Young, 1991.
The Adobe Angels series of books by Antonio R Garcez, 1994.

Adobe Angels: The Ghosts of Santa Fe (Ghosts of Santa Fe & Taos, No.3)
Antonio R. Garcez  More Info
price: $14.00

Adobe Angels: Arizona Ghost Stories
Antonio R. Garcez  More Info
price: $16.00

Adobe Angels: Ghost Stories of O'Keeffe Country
Antonio R. Garcez  More Info
price: $12.00

The Head on the High Road: Ghost Stories from the Southwest (American Storytelling Series)
Richard Alan Young  More Info
price: $12.00

Ghost Stories from the American Southwest (American Storytelling from August House)
Richard Young  More Info
price: $12.00

Haunted Highway: The Spirits of Route 66 by Ellen Robson 

Haunted Highway: The Spirits of Route 66 (Travel and Local Interest)
Ellen Robson  More Info
price: $11.40

Ghosts of the Southwest: The Phantom Gunslinger and Other Real-Life Hauntings (Haunted America Series)
Ted Wood  More Info
price: $16.95

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